Hasn't Science Disproved Christianity?

Thank God for science!

I don’'t want to live in a world without antibiotics, electric lights, sanitation, air travel and wholesome food. The fact that not all those wonderful advantages are available to everyone shouldn't detract from our admiration for the dedicated and brilliant scientists, engineers and technicians whose hard work, dedication and brilliance has changed our lives.

There is no disagreement between science and the bible because they are doing fundamentally different things. Science is finding out how, when and where things happen. But the bible is looking at the why and the who. Scientists are great at explaining how our universe works but they can’t tell us why. Take the big bang for example, the scientific theory of how the universe began. But science can’t tell us why. On the other hand the bible is sketchy on how but is very definite and precise on why the universe came into being and who is responsible for it. So science and the bible aren't really in conflict. They are just looking at things in different ways. Someone once said that science is like the notes for a poem, a bit dry and sketchy. But the bible is the poem itself. It is rich, satisfying and beautiful.

When my friend was recovering from an operation she was fed intravenously. She got all the necessary nutrition through the tube but what she really longed for was a tasty hot dinner. Science feeds our minds but the bible provides something that is not just nourishing but is tasty and satisfying as well. Finding out about Jesus isn't a matter of scientific discovery. The bible tells us who he is and what he has done so that we can get to know him and work out what kind of person he is.

John Miller - Pastor / Elder - Staines Baptist Church

November 2020