Town Chaplains are motivated by their Christian faith and supported by their church to care for people in the town centre community.

The aim is to express God's love by serving the people of the town through visiting shops, businesses and places of work and providing pastoral support and encouragement.


As well as coming with a cheery smile and presence the chaplain is there to offer comfort and hope in times of trouble and as well give encouragement and thanks in times of joy.

They are not there to preach, but to offer care, comfort and a listening ear.

The chaplain will visit workplaces with management agreement to provide a listening ear to anyone who would like to talk to them.

The Town Chaplain is not here to offer a formal counselling service but has links to qualified counsellors if needed. And they aren't here to preach but to offer sympathy, care and comfort.

They are independent from the organisations they visit but can act as a bridge between employers and employees in strictly confidential relationships.

The Town Chaplain will have links to other chaplaincy services such as Hospital, Prison and University Chaplains as well as other community services like Street Angels.


Your Town Chaplain is in Staines Town every Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 3pm you will normally see him around the Market on Two Rivers or the Elmsleigh Centre.

On a Saturday you will find him on the Market in a Gazebo usually opposite Lloyds/Barclays Banks.

Or if you wish to contact me for a chat over coffee and a pastry.

Email: stainestownchaplain@gmail.com
Text / Whatsapp: +44 7759 332655
Facebook: Staines Town Chaplain
Twitter: @staineschaplain