Does God Exist?

How do we know there's a God?

We can't "prove" that God exists any more than I can prove that I exist. What exactly is reality? Perhaps it's one of those things that you’ll know when you see it.

Despite the best efforts of a lot of very clever people over many centuries, attempts to "prove" the existence of God seem to flounder; we just can't seem to be able to tie him down. But here are some pointers to God, echoes of the God who is there. Here are four of them:


Our reaction to the beauty, variety and majesty of this amazing planet and the universe around us is wonder and awe. The overwhelming conclusion that people have arrived at over thousands of years, and the one subscribed to by most people on our planet today, is that it was made by someone creative, powerful, clever and caring. Look up, look down, look round and drink it all in. It is truly amazing. It's an echo of God.


Why do I get aggrieved when someone pushes in front of me in a queue? Why do we instinctively feel the same about right and wrong? Humans all share something called a conscience that tells us something about good and bad. It's more frayed and even distorted in some people but it is still there. It's an echo of God.


But for an accident of time and space we could have met God when he walked the earth. We missed out by just two thousand years and a couple of thousand miles. The evidence for Jesus, miracles and all is overwhelming; You should dig into it. Despite the many attempts to airbrush Jesus from history he just can't be explained away. It's an echo of God.


People from every country, every culture and every age will tell you that God is real. He has comforted, corrected, strengthened, encouraged and delivered them. In response people have loved, obeyed trusted and served him. Countless numbers have been prepared to suffer and even to die for him. Something has got hold of them deep down inside. It's an echo of God.

These things don't amount to what you think of as "scientific proof." But they are echoes or shadows suggesting a reality worth thinking about.

John Miller - Pastor / Elder - Staines Baptist Church

November 2020