Christians Are Hypocrites

We all know people whose behaviour has fallen short of Christian standards. It is quite reasonable to expect that someone calling themselves a Christian will live by the Christian principles set out in the bible. It is both disappointing and hurtful when they don’t.

The word hypocrite comes from ancient Greece and refers to an actor who wears a mask to play a part. When someone points to the hypocrisy in the church this is what they mean; people are pretending to be Christian but underneath and inside they are selfish or cruel or thoughtless; un-Christian.

I know many, many Christians who are not acting the part. True, we are flawed, broken and weak and we know it. We are struggling to do better with varying degrees of success and for the most part we are honest enough to admit it.

If you have been unfortunate enough to come across some of the rotten apples in the Christian barrel I would urge them to dig into the barrel again; find a church where the bible is taken seriously by people who want to know what is in it so they can obey it. Such people are honest about their failures; get to know them. Their honestly will both frighten and hearten you at the same time.

And it’s well worth meeting up with the only person involved in Christianity who was completely honest, never let anyone down or made a mistake and never failed at anything; Jesus Christ.

John Miller - Pastor / Elder - Staines Baptist Church

November 2020