Aren't all religions basically the same?

Some religions certainly do have common features; Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all monotheistic, believing there is only one God although they differ greatly on how their God has revealed himself and what he has done. Hinduism has many thousands of Gods and Buddhism, strictly speaking, doesn’t believe in God at all. Other religions assign deity to living or even inanimate objects.

What sets Christianity apart is Jesus Christ. He is a distinctly unique character. What he said, what he did and who he is without any parallel in any other religious system. His death and resurrection in particular mark him out as absolutely unique. The bible reveals that Jesus is God, maker and sustainer of the whole universe but he came to the earth he had created and offered himself as a sacrifice for the sin of his people.

Every other religion teaches us what we must do in order to please God and know him – Christianity teaches us what Jesus has done for us so that we can know God. Other religions are do, do but Christianity is done, done!

We are saved by the good work and deep mercy of Jesus Christ. That is why he is at the centre of every true Christian church and why every true Christian holds him in the highest regard.

John Miller - Pastor / Elder - Staines Baptist Church

November 2020